The February 25 edition of SKYVILLE LIVE was a soulful music extravaganza filled with powerful performances and awe-inspiring collaborations from Andra DayPatti AustinMiesaDelbert McClinton and Mike Farris. But that’s what happens when you have amazingly talented singers, an angelic backup vocal trio and the rock-solid SVL ALLSTARS band.

Day presented outstanding performances of her own songs, “Forever Mine” and “Goodbye Goodnight,” both from her smash debut album Cheers To The Fall. Austin also combined spectacular chops, a compelling stage charisma and an infectious sense of humor throughout the evening, triggering standing ovations. 

One of the many memorable highlights of the evening included Day joining Austin for a duet on “Unforgettable,” the first of a two-song tribute to Natalie Cole. Miesa then joined them on “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” with all three locked on dazzling harmony during the tongue-tying a cappella vocal break.

Subbing for Sam Moore, who was unable to make the show due to travel difficulties, Mike Farris displayed a show-stopping, searing intensity in his vocals. Delbert McClinton tore down the house with his own brand of bluesy, old-school soul.

The night proved a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the artists as well as the audience.

Austin commented that “live is always spectacular when you have the highest-quality artists making the highest quality music with the highest-quality musicians and the highest-quality backup singers.

“I suggest that if you haven’t already seen SKYVILLE LIVE you should get onboard quickly lest you look very unhip to all your friends when they start raving about what they saw and you didn’t watch,” she continued. “I plan to go back to SKYVILLE LIVE ASAP whether theyask me back or not ‘cause it’s too much fun to do this show just once.”

“I was humbled and honored to share the SKYVILLE LIVE stage with Patti, Andra, Delbert and Mike, because it was all about the music, just a good time with amazingly talented musicians,” added Miesa. “It was like family.”